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Flat Bumper Install Example - 11-17-2020

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Step 1

Confirm  the contents of your Bumper Barrier kit which should contain, 1 bumper barrier strip, alcohol wipes, 1 microfiber rag, 1 dry erase marker, and 60” measuring tape .




Step 2

Wash your car to insure your bumper is clean from dirt and loose debris




Step 3

Using the alcohol wipes and microfiber rag quickly spot clean your bumper to insure all dried wax or grime is removed. 


Step 4

Locate the center of your bumper by using your license plate, or the trunk latch as a reference point.  (You may also use the measuring tape to aid you in this step ).  Using the dry erase marker, mark the center of your bumper 



Step 5

After marking the center of the bumper unroll your Magic Strip and peel from one edge to the center mark..

 Be sure not to allow the exposed strip touch the ground or any surface that would attract dirt or loose debris..  We strongly recommend working with another person if the strip length exceeds 62 inches





Step 6

Center the strip on the bumper using the mark you placed in step 4 to the best of your ability then press firmly on the center to secure/anchor the magic strip on the bumper



Step 7

Once the center is secured and the center remains attached proceed to secure the remaining exposed portion of the strip to the bumper. 

You will accomplish this by making sure you pull the strip taut while firmly sliding your hand across it then pressing to insure no bubbles are present.

Should you encounter  bubbles at any point lift the strip off the bumper and reapply while sliding your hand across the strip 


Step 8

Stand back to observe and confirm your protection strip is aligned with the bumper as desired.  You may also use the measuring tape to confirm alignment. 

Step 9

After you finish applying the first half of the strip repeat steps 6 - 8 to complete the second half



Certain bumpers may be pitched causing the strip to  lay angled up or down once wrapped around the corner.  If this happens gently pull on the strip from the corner of the bumper and reposition the strip in the direction you desire.  The adhesive will keep the strip in place resulting in a leveled factory installed look


And There you have it!  The install process typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete



We strongly recommend that you only install the bumper barrier protection strip when ambient temperatures are at least 60 degrees . Attempting to install Bumper Barriers in colder temperatures may result in adhesion failure (unless you use a heating element such as blow dryer, etc).

Bumper Barrier Protection strip utilizes a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive which require pressure to be applied to each section during installation to insure a durable , bubble-free, waterproof seal to the bumper.