Installation Instructions





1) Confirm your Bumper Barrier kit contains 1 Bumper Barrier protection strip, 1 microfiber rag, alcohol wipes, and measuring tape






1) Clean your bumper with the provided alcohol cleaning solution and leave to dry. When completely dry please insure all grit and oil is removed.





2) Using both hands position your Bumper Barrier on your bumper. Use the white chalk line, which is located in the exact center, to help center your Bumper Barrier.





3) Once centered you must anchor its position by peeling back approx. 12 inches of the adhesive backing from the center seam and then apply pressure to the Barrier so that it will become anchored to the bumper.





4) After the Barrier is positioned and anchored start peeling the remaining backing on both sides in 12 – 24 inch sections applying pressure to each section as you move towards the ends of the Bumper Barrier.

5) After you have finished attaching the Bumper Barrier immediately step back at least 10 feet to confirm it is centered and positioned as desired. If you wish to reposition the Bumper Barrier now is the time before adhesive fully sets. 




rear view Bumper Barrier 6) And there you have it. The install process typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete



Important notes:

Our hardshell Bumper Barrier is fabricated with high-quality rubber and 3M adhesive.

Once it is applied to the bumper it creates a water and air-tight seal that will remain secure despite frequent car washing and inclement weather.

The 3M adhesive formulation will not damage the paint on your bumper.

Our rubber is created with a proprietary formulation that, unlike other bumper protectors, will not turn gray in a few months and will stay looking good long after it is installed.