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Why Choose Bumper Barrier

The Magic Strip solution unlike other bumper guard products are designed to hide existing blemishes while protecting against future bumper damage. The unique textures, shapes and car model specific designs we offer further differentiate our products from the competition.  

 It is our mission to provide an exceptional product and buying experience to the cost conscious city dweller. Weather you are a new car owner preparing for city driving or that unfortunate person looking to hide a few bumper blemishes Bumper Barrier is here for you.




Where can I get my Bumper Barrier Strip professionally installed?


If you live in the NYC area Basic Bumper Barrier strip installation low cost installation is available . Please reserve your appointment using the following link:



Bumper Barrier Strips are designed with a high-quality acrylic adhesive that will not damage the paint on your car, however, if your paint job is already damaged or flaking have a chat with us and we can recommend a solution.


Are Bumper Barrier Strips hard to remove?


When outside temperatures are 75 degrees or higher Bumper Barrier Strips can be easily, and quickly removed, in most cases, without any glue residue. If the need arises to remove your Barrier in colder temperatures, we recommend using an inexpensive clothes steamer. The following video covers the removal process:
Removal during summer:

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Bumper Barrier Strips are made with high-grade rubber and adhesives which are designed to protect your car bumper for many, many years … However, we recommend changing your bumper strip every two years as the color will fade over time.


 How to self-install a Bumper Barrier Strip? 

Please check out the following videos for the step-by-step process for self-installation:  Click Here to Print Instructions


Do you offer volume discounts?


Yes! Volume discounts are available when purchasing 10 or more strips at a time. Please contact us via our online form.




We are always looking for fresh talent to provide our customers with an excellent installation experience. Please contact us via our online form to discuss our partner programs.